Friday, June 25, 2010

In the tunnel

I was recently informed by one of my thesis committee members that I am IN THE TUNNEL meaning that completion of the PhD is near. YES!!!!

With that said, I am writing a manuscript and considering where to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship. I am SO excited to be doing these things.... but I feel a little anxious about the next stages of my career, namely finding that postdoctoral research position.

Finding the right lab to conduct postdoctoral research is extremely crucial to the advancement of my career. Everything must be considered, including (in no particular order of importance because it's all important):

  • Research focus (because whatever I choose to study at this stage will define my career, right?)
  • Geographical location (where do I want to spend the next 5+ years of my life?)
  • Mentoring capabilities...What type of mentoring style (hands-on or hands-off) does the principal investigator have?
  • What are the social dynamics of the lab?
  • What type of grants/funding does the PI have?
  • How successful were past trainees of the potential PI? (where and how often did they publish, what kind of position did they obtain after leaving?)
  • Big lab or small lab?
  • Well-known or up-and-coming mentor?
  • What type of collaborations does the mentor have with other labs or industry?
There are always other things to consider, so did I leave anything out??

For now, I am narrowing down the labs that I am interested at a few different universities and based on the criteria specified above.

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Patrick said...

Somewhere on this blog I noticed that you have an interest in getting young people interested in careers in science and technology. Perhaps you might also consider whether a lab participates in any educational outreach programs.

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