Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Introducing Minority Scientist

I am an African-American female working towards a Ph.D. in the biomedical sciences. As I progress through my studies, I find that I constantly seek information to strengthen my future as a scientific researcher. During my inquires, I often encounter information that I know other minorities, including women and underrepresented peoples, in science ranging from jr. high school students to faculty members could find useful. I also receive tidbits of wisdom from other minorities in science who are well-established in the field.

I aim to share this knowledge with you in the hopes that if you cannot use it directly, that you pass it on to other minorities in science who may find the info valuable.

Also, I would really appreciate that you email topics that you are interested in exploring and/or any information you believe to be useful to other minorities in science to Minority.Scientist.

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Welcome to Minority Scientist

I'm Minority Scientist and I started this blog to
1) share useful information to assist minorities, including women and underrepresented peoples, navigate a career in scientific research and
2) explore the world of science through the eyes of someone who
pursued a PhD in the biomedical sciences as a single parent.

In the spirit of sharing, if you find info here useful for you or someone you know... pass it on! If you would like to share information, send an email to
Minority.Scientist(at) Thanks!

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